mardi 12 juin 2012

Ferid Boughedir, the Child of the Terraces

Ferid Boughedir was born in 1944 in Hammam Lif, and is a director, critic and film historian.

His first film, Halfaouine, the Child of the Terraces, is the best known in the world.

A journalist with the magazine “Jeune Afrique” in 1971, Ferid Boughedir is professor of cinema at the University of Tunis.

He first published as a film critic   articles on the history of African and Arab cinema. He directed two feature-length documentaries in the Official Selection at Cannes: Camera d'Africa (1983) Camera and Arabic (1987).

In 1992, Boughedir became managing director at the 14th session of the JCC. He has been a member of the official jury at Cannes (1991), Berlin (1997) and Venice (1999) and chairman of the Panafrican Film and Television of Ouagadougou (2001).

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